One of my 11 year old athletes, Jack, doing work on some squat progressions. Even at a young age we can get your young athlete stronger, safely and efficiently. Low risk, high reward exercises.

Olympic lifts such as the clean are very beneficial for athletes or anyone trying to build strength. It is also a very technical lift and takes many years to master. As a coach it is important to find ways for trainees to succeed and get great results. Coaching the movement instead of the implement is sometime a better option depending on the individual's goals. In this case we want Jack to gain explosive strength and gain conditioning through a low risk, high reward exercise. We can coach cleans, but we can also change the implement. Movement is the same but the tool we use is different.

Upper body strength is very important in all sports. Jack plays football and needs to develop a strong upper body. We also need to be sure he develops strength equally on both sides of the body. A lot of times coaches teach their younger athletes to use barbells. While that tool is useful for seasoned lifters, it is more beneficial for young athletes to not develop any asymmetries or favor their "strong" side. Be sure your young athletes are getting coached properly by someone who is qualified and has experience with this special population.

Some hybrid strongman training with trainer/strength and conditioning coach Sarah Gwynn (notice the wiener dog trying to keep pace). If you are interested in working with a female trainer, she is your girl! Hybrid strongman training is a fun and efficient way to build muscle and get in some serious cardio conditioning at the same time.

You do not always need a 20,000 sqft facility to train and get results. Simply using 3 of my favorite fitness tools, I could get a very good workout in. A rock (kettlebell), rope (Cross Core 180 suspension trainer) and a dead animal (Ultimate Sandbag) is all you need. Simple, primitive and results oriented workouts.

Sandbag complexes using the Ultimate Sandbag. Here are some great complexes for getting in great shape or MMA. Whether you are a high school wrestler or professional fighter, these will surely get you in peak condition.

Here are some workouts that are sure to challenge anyone. Great programming occurs off of seated gym equipment and working in all planes of motion. Most equipment I work with on a regular basis does not allow movement through all planes, especially rotational exercises. The Ultimate Sandbag allows great variety that is unmatched by any other fitness tool. Barbells, kettlebells and dumbbells are great, but they are limiting at times. Be sure to cover all your basis if your goal is to develop functional strength.

Ultimate Sandbag training offers amazing versatility for fat loss and functional training. Sandbag training exercises can train the core of the body to be resilient and strong beyond what most common ab exercises can do. Try sandbag workouts with the Ultimate Sandbag and see how it can transform your fitness levels.